Wetenschappelijke artikelen 2023

Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van de wetenschappelijke artikelen van stafleden van Leyden Academy die in 2023 zijn gepubliceerd:

  1. Mazzoli Smith L, Villar F, Wendel S. Narrative-based learning for person-centred healthcare: the Caring Stories learning framework. Med Humanit. 2023;0:1-10.
  2. De Kock L, Groot BC, Lindenberg J, Struiksma G, Abma TA. Making invisible care visible. Ethics and aesthetics of care in participatory arts practices in times of COVID-19. Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance. 2023 Jan.
  3. Blok M, Groot B, Huijg JM, de Boer AH. The involvement of older adults in the residential care: dilemmas, pitfalls and potentials. Tijdschr Gerontol Geriatr. 2023 Jan 23;54(1).
  4. Bendien E, Verhage M, Lindenberg J, Abma T. Toward Age-Friendly Policies: Using the Framework of Age-Friendliness to Evaluate the COVID-19 Measures from the Perspectives of Older People in the Netherlands. J Aging Soc Policy. 2023 Mar 2;1-21.
  5. Sion KYJ, Heerings M, Blok M, Scheffelaar A, Huijg J, Westerhof G, Pot AM, Luijkx K, Hamers JPH. How stories can contribute towards quality improvement in long-term care. 2023 Jul 1:gnad084.
  6. Spaeth A, van Nes F, Verdonk P, Abma TA. How caring work of older women gets disappeared: The gendered dynamics of changing everyday occupations in an older German couple. Med J Occupational Science, augustus 2023.
  7. Groot B, Hendrikx A, Bendien E, Woelders S, de Kock L, Abma T. In search of epistemic justice. Dialogical reflection of researchers on situated ethics in studies with people living with language and/or cognitive impairment. J Aging Studies. 2023 September;66(8).
  8. Conkova N, Fokkema T, van Tilburg TG. Subjective well-being of older migrants in the Netherlands: A conceptual and methodological discussion. International Migration. 2023 okt.
  9. Ten Napel-Schutz MC, Karbouniaris S, Mares SHW, Arntz A, Abma TA. Perspectives of underweight people with eating disorders on receiving Imagery Rescripting trauma treatment: a qualitative study of their experiences. J Eat Disord. 2023 Nov 30;10(1):188.
  10. De Kock L, Groot B, van Wijmen J, Lindenberg J, Naus A, Bierlaagh D, Abma T. The complex nature of boundary work in arts and health: a reflective journey in a social design project. Arts Health. 2023 nov.
  11. Carapellotti AM, Meijerink HJEM, Gravemaker-Scott C, Thielman L, Kool R, Lewin N, Abma TA. Escape, expand, embrace: the transformational lived experience of rediscovering the self and the other while dancing with Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis. Int J Qual Stud Health Well-being. 2023 Dec;18(1):2143611.
  12. Bendien E, Abma TA. Hoofdstuk over de participatie en empowerment van ouderen in onderzoek in het boek Silver Empowerment, 2023.
  13. Schuurman M, Jellema S, van der Oord I, van der Vlegel W, Abma T, Groot B. Age-friendly communities: samenwerken aan passende leefomgeving, voor en met senioren. Tijdschr Gerontol Geriatr. 2023;54(5):29-38.
  14. Abma A, Bendien B, Sterckx L, van Campen C. Hoofdstuk 26, Onderzoek — Ouderen als co-onderzoekers. In: Ouderen als oplossing, Tijdschrift voor Sociale Vraagstukken, december 2023.