Wetenschappelijke artikelen 2022

Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van de zeventien peer-reviewed wetenschappelijke artikelen van stafleden van Leyden Academy die zijn gepubliceerd in 2022:

  1. Abma T, Breed M, Lips S, Schrijver J. Whose Voice is It Really? Ethics of Photovoice With Children in Health Promotion. International Journal of Qualitative Methods 2022;21.
  2. Abma TA. Patientparticipatie in een academisch ziekenhuis, Waardenwerk, Journal of Humanistic Studies 2022;90-91:35-45.
  3. Damen I, Schippers A, Niemeijer A, Abma T. Living with a Rare Disease as a Family: A Co-Constructed Autoethnography from a Mother. Disabilities 2022;2(2):348-364.
  4. Dedding C, Groot B, Slager M, Abma T. Building an alternative conceptualization of participation: from shared decision-making to acting and work. Journal Educational Action Research
  5. Dohmen MDW, van den Eijnde C, Thielman CLE, Lindenberg J, Huijg JM, Abma TA. Good Care during COVID-19: A Narrative Approach to Care Home Staff’s Experiences of the Pandemic. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2022 Feb 13;19(4):2106.
  6. Duijs SE, Abma T, Plak O, Jhingoeri U, Abena-Jaspers Y, Senoussi N, Mazurel C, Bourik Z, Verdonk PJ. Squeezed out: Experienced precariousness of self-employed care workers in residential long-term care, from an intersectional perspective. Adv Nurs 2022 Oct 27.
  7. Duijs SE, Abma T, Schrijver J, Bourik Z, Abena-Jaspers Y, Jhingoeri U, Plak O, Senoussi N, Verdonk P. Navigating Voice, Vocabulary and Silence: Developing Critical Consciousness in a Photovoice Project with (Un)Paid Care Workers in Long-Term Care. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2022 May 4;19(9):5570.
  8. Groot B, Haveman A, Buree M, Zuijlen RV, Zuijlen JV, Abma T. What Patients Prioritize for Research to Improve Their Lives and How Their Priorities Get Dismissed again. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2022 Feb 9;19(4):1927.
  9. Groot B, Abma T. Ethics framework for citizen science and public and patient participation in research. BMC Med Ethics 2022 Mar 13;23(1):23.
  10. Huber MA, Brown LD, Metze RN, Stam M, Van Regenmortel T, Abma T. Exploring empowerment of participants and peer workers in a self- managed homeless shelter. Journal of Social Work 2022;22(1):26-45.
  11. Karbouniaris S, Wilken JP, Weerman A, Abma, T. Experiential knowledge of mental health professionals. Service users’ perceptions. European Journal of Mental Health 2022;17(3):23-37.
  12. Kruijthoff DJ, Bendien E, van der Kooi C, Glas G, Abma TA, Huijgens PC. Three cases of hearing impairment with surprising subjective improvements after prayer. What can we say when analyzing them? Explore (NY) 2022 Jul-Aug;18(4):475-482.
  13. Kruijthoff DJ, Bendien E, van der Kooi C, Glas G, Abma TA. Can you be cured if the doctor disagrees? A case study of 27 prayer healing reports evaluated by a medical assessment team in the Netherlands. Explore (NY) 2022 Jul 26:S1550-8307(22)00118-5.
  14. Liu Y, Groot B, de Kock L, Abma T, Dedding C. How participatory arts can contribute to Dutch older adults’ wellbeing – revisiting a taxonomy of arts interventions for people with dementia. Arts Health 2022 Feb 15:1-16.
  15. Van Alphen RHB, Schout G, Koudstaal AJ, de Vreugd M, Abma T, Vermeiren RRJM. Family group conferences for suicidal adolescents: Promising results from naturalistic case study research. Death Stud. 2022;46(10):2445-2455.
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