Our organisation

As a knowledge institute, Leyden Academy conducts scientific research on various topics focussed upon vitality and ageing. We believe that it is important that the knowledge we gain, finds it ways into the daily lives of the elderly. How can scientific insight be applied in practice and how can we maximise added value for the elderly, and for society? The team of Leyden Academy is involved in various projects and programmes, we develop concepts and submit them to be embedded into blueprints and training materials so that our partners can use them on a broader scale. Finally, we contribute our vision and insight to educational programmes for various audiences. All our activities align with our three focus areas: vital, meaningful and connected.

The social issues that Leyden Academy wants to contribute to, require a multi-disciplinary approach. For this reason, our team reflects the necessary diversity: doctors, physical scientists, social-cultural anthropologists,  psychologists and communication specialists. A brief introduction of our team members and their area(s) of expertise can be found here.

In the picture (from back to front and left to right):
Albert van Duijn, Jan Ravensbergen, Josanne Huijg
Belia Schuurman, Marie-Louise Kok, Rhea Breedveld, Lex van Delden
Jacqueline LeijsPaul van de VijverSanne Schweers
David van Bodegom, Ellen PlasmeijerJolanda Lindenberg
Nina ConkovaIneke Vlek, Miriam Verhage, Frank Schalkwijk
Daniëlle Swart, Niels BartelsYvonne Schinkel
Tineke Abma

Not included in the picture: Lucia Thielman, Marleen Dohmen, Charlotte van den Eijnde, Lieke de Kock, Elena Bendien, Susan Woelders, Zilfi Sert, Annet van Harten, Marije Blok, Barbara Groot and Sonja Wendel



The director of Leyden Academy is Professor Tineke A. Abma.








Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board of Leyden Academy consists of the following members (from left to right): ir. Boudewijn F. Dessing, mr. Jos W.B. Westerburgen, dr. Wim M. van den Goorbergh (chairman), prof. dr. Marianne de Visser and drs. Mark Janssen.