Eveline Kiela

Eveline joined the Leyden Academy research team in September 2022, where her focus is on healthcare related projects. She is for example involved in a responsive evaluation of the ‘Unknown Talent’ pilot, where healthcare workers are supported in applying for and implementing a grant application for plans to improve healthcare in their department or workplace. In the research project ”Ageing in the Picture’, she investigates perception and experience of the physical aspect of ageing, but she also supports local care networks that are involved in age-friendly communities in a knowledge synthesis. She previously focused on the innovative elements of participation choirs and on a knowledge synthesis about loneliness.

Eveline’s interest in healthcare started years ago, when she chose to study nursing after secondary school. In the various internships she did there, as well as in her jobs as a qualified nurse after that, she experienced the value and importance of assisting people appropriately in difficult moments in life. But at the same she became aware of how difficult it can be to provide good care, and how immense the impact of (moral) damage can be for both care recipients and care providers when, for various reasons, good care is not (enough) provided. To better understand such dynamics, she decided to continue her studies and did the master Care Ethics & Policy at the University of Humanistic Studies. It is now her mission to use qualitative and experimental research methods to contribute to good care practices for care recipients and care providers.