Marleen Dohmen

Since January 2020, PhD candidate Marleen has been strengthening the Leyden Academy team. Her PhD research focuses on the (collaborative) relationship between nursing home staff, residents and relatives for the purpose of good care and the moral issues they encounter in this context.

Marleen is, among other things, involved in the ‘Working Together on Loving Care’ project, a Dutch participatory action research in which healthcare professionals, nursing home residents and residents’ relatives jointly develop ways and working methods to improve the relationship in the triangle. She is also involved in the development of a method that offers tools for using the experiences of employees, residents and relatives to shape and evaluate care together.

Marleen obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Leiden University. In 2019 she also completed her master’s degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology here. During her studies, Marleen was strongly interested in (technological) innovation. To further explore this, she took the Interactive Environments minor at TU Delft and did an internship at TNO into the user experience of virtual reality.