Our portraits

Every year, a vital elderly gentleman or lady figures as ‘the face of Leyden Academy’. From 11 November 2019 to 11 November 2020, the portrait of 94-year-old Loek Middel from Rosmalen will decorate our website, social media accounts and various means of communication.

Loek was born in Indonesia and grew up with both cultures thanks to his Dutch father and Indonesian mother. After his marriage, he moved to the Netherlands with his wife Anneke. Loek has a long career as a professional soldier, and he was an administrative assistant during the last years of his working life. Loek has two sons, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. His hobbies are Tai Chi, line dancing, photography and everything related to technology.

Pictures: 2011/2012 Marc de Haan, 2013-2020 Henk Aschman