Our portraits

Every year, a portrait of a vital older person is selected to represent Leyden Academy. From 11 November 2018 to 11 November 2019, the portrait of 78-year old Leonie van Aerde from Leiderdorp will grace our website, social media accounts and various corporate media. The black and white portrait was shot by photographer Henk Aschman.

Leonie was born 78 years ago in the former Dutch colony of Surinam. In 1963, good friends of Leonie emigrated to the Netherlands and she decided to follow their footsteps. What was intended as a temporary visit, turned out to be a permanent stay: Leonie met her husband here and gave birth to a son. Since her retirement as a pedicure specialist, Leonie does volunteer work at care organisation Radius and serves as treasurer at the Surinam Club in Leiden. Leonie loves to dance and go out with her sister and friends.