Our portraits

We are looking for a vital, older gentleman for 2022
Each year a vital, lively elderly lady or gentleman who is full of life figures as ‘the face of Leyden Academy’. We strive for a good reflection of society. For 2022 we are looking for a vital older gentleman (from about 75 years old) who radiates pleasure and zest for life. Are you looking for the new face of Leyden Academy with us? You can email your royalty-free portrait photos, with a short description of the model until September 27, 2021, to koemans@leydenacademy.nl. The management of Leyden Academy will then choose the winning portrait.

Margaretha is our ‘face’ of 2021
From November 11, 2020 to November 11, 2021, the portrait of 81-year-old Margaretha Frederiks from Leiden, the Netherlands will grace our website, social media accounts and various means of communication. Margaretha was born in Alkmaar in 1939, and comes from an artistic family in Bergen. It was therefore not surprising that Margaretha also took that path. After completing the Royal Academy of Art, she worked for years as a drawing teacher at various schools. Margaretha no longer teaches, but she still paints. Other cultures appeal to Margaret. She has traveled extensively through Europe, Suriname, Cuba and Canada, among other places. She also lived in Spain for a few years with her family. In addition to painting and traveling, Margaretha has a passion for salsa dancing.

Do you have questions? Please contact Yvonne Schinkel-Koemans via koemans@leydenacademy.nl or 06-42027391.

Pictures: 2011/2012 Marc de Haan, 2013-2021 Henk Aschman