Our portraits

We are looking for a vital, older gentleman for 2024
Each year a vital, lively elderly lady or gentleman who is full of life figures as ‘the face of Leyden Academy’. We strive for a good reflection of society. For 2022 we are looking for a vital older gentleman (from about 75 years old) who radiates pleasure and zest for life. Are you looking for the new face of Leyden Academy with us? You can email your royalty-free portrait photos, with a short description of the model until September 27, 2021, to koemans@leydenacademy.nl. The management of Leyden Academy will then choose the winning portrait.

Afifa is our ‘face’ of 2023
From November 11, 2022 to November 11, 2023, the portrait of 72-year-old Afifa Tadmine from Amsterdam, the Netherlands will grace our website, social media accounts and various means of communication. Afifa has worked as a social worker for many years. She is still active in her neighborhood and puts her energy into connecting and activating neighbors. “I listen to their story and try to help. I do that for all ages and all nationalities. It is important to respect everyone’s values ​​and standards.” Afifa would like to pass on her volunteer work and experience to the next generation. Because volunteer work brings a lot of satisfaction, according to Afifa.

Do you have questions? Please contact Yvonne Schinkel-Koemans via koemans@leydenacademy.nl or 06-42027391.

The pictures of Aaf and Willem are taken by Marc de Haan, and the rest bij Henk Aschman