Lieke de Kock

Since January 2020 Lieke joined the team of Leyden Academy, where she is junior researcher in the project ‘Art in long-term care’. In this participatory research we visit the initiatives on art in long-term elderly care throughout the Netherlands, and we enter into dialogue with the participants and stakeholders. In this way we map the active factors involved, and hopefully contribute to a broader base of support for these initiatives.

Lieke has a background in theatre studies. She studied, lived and worked for five years in the UK, where amongst others she researched into the effect of theater on people with memory problems in elderly care homes. The past 3.5 years Lieke worked as a care provider at a care organisation in Ede and as a geriatric activity therapist in a hospital in Gelderland, both in the Netherlands. In addition, Lieke followed the education program Social Work at Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen.