Sjaiesta Nanhekhan

Sjaiesta has been working at Leyden Academy as a junior researcher since October 2022. Within our focal area ‘Connected’ , she is involved in various research and social projects concerning elderly people with a migration background. Her interest in these social themes as well as her passion for research is also reflected in her studies in Public Administration and the master’s degree in Policy and Politics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During her studies, she contributed as a research assistant to an international comparative study on migration and integration policy, focusing on the role of framing  and sentiments in the media and in politics.

After graduating in 2015, she committed herself to bottom-up social innovation through ‘Starters4Communities’. She also gained experience in setting up and conducting ‘appreciative research’ at MOB, a healthcare provider with an eye for various cultures. Through her work as a researcher and by participating in social participation, she wants to contribute to an inclusive society.