Jana Kerssies

Jana joined the Leyden Academy research team in June 2023. She is currently involved in the project ‘Sexuality and intimacy at a later age’. Jana is committed to a deep understanding of the perception and experiences of the elderly. Her aim is to place this at the center of the broader social representation of sexuality and intimacy in later life. She embraces a participatory approach in which she and her colleagues encourage older people to participate in an open and inclusive conversation. In doing so, Jana focuses on breaking through the restrictive stigmas that surround this important theme.

Jana obtained her master’s degree in International Development Studies at Wageningen University, focusing on politics and policy during her studies. She also completed her master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in gender and sexuality. Here she found her passion and calling. Jana is committed to a future in which equality and inclusion are self-evident, and in which everyone, regardless of age, counts. In her research, Jana therefore focuses on breaking taboos and stereotypes, in particular to strengthen the voices of often underrepresented groups. She has, for example, conducted research into improving the social position of victims of sexual violence in the sexual crimes bill.