Scientific knowledge and practical tools to help you take back control of your health
As we grow older, more and more things start to go wrong with our body. Many (age related) ailments can be alleviated by lifestyle changes, but far more often than necessary, we reach for pills. High blood pressure? Blood pressure pills. High cholesterol? Pills to lower cholesterol. High blood sugar? Pills to get blood sugar levels back under control. These pills suppress the symptoms but do not address the underlying problem.

In this book (2008), physician and ageing scientist David van Bodegom helps us to ‘unmedicate’. How do you keep your bones strong, your heartburn in check, and your stomach and intestines healthy? Will you sleep better if you exercise more? Can you train your brain? And what can you do to prevent erectile dysfunction? You will also find out how to evaluate your blood pressure, sleep and mood, and how you can experiment to discover how your body responds to different lifestyle changes. Unmedicate will help you understand your body better and keep it in good condition. Interested in the unmedicate micro learning on the topic insomnia? Click here.

About the author
David had a monthly column, ‘Unmedicate with Dr. David’, in Zin magazine, and for Dutch public broadcaster Omroep MAX he made a series of public video lectures on healthy ageing. David’s 2015 TED Talk in which he promoted healthier ageing through environmental nudges was an international hit. He also wrote the novel Necessity Knows No Law (2012) and, together with Professor Rudi Westendorp, the bestseller A Guide to Growing Older (2015).