Elena Bendien

Dr. Elena Bendien is a social and cultural gerontologist; she has done PhDs in linguistics and humanistics. She obtained the latter in 2010 at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht, with the theme ‘Interdisciplinary research into the significance of memory processes in later life’. The title of her dissertation was: ‘From the Art of Remembering to the Craft of Ageing: A Study of the Reminiscence Museum’

Elena has been part of the research team at Leyden Academy since March 1, 2020, where she focuses, among other things, on the themes ‘Ageism’, ‘Sexuality and Intimacy in later life’ and ‘Experiences of Dutch women in the transition period from paid work to retirement ‘.

Elena has a wide range of expertise in the interdisciplinary field of aging studies. In her work she focuses on the social, cultural, gender and sex-related aspects of aging. She sees great added value in intersectional and participatory action research. According to her, both perspectives do justice to the complexity of growing older. In this way, scientific research can have a greater impact on the position and well-being of older and young adults.

Elena’s dream is to live, work and then age herself in a world where older people count and where their voices are clearly heard! She has a special place in her heart and in her work for aging women.

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