Truus Teunissen

Since mid-November 2021, Truus has been affiliated with Leyden Academy on a voluntary basis where she focuses in particular on the participation of older people in education and research. Truus is part of the project team that researched art in long-term care in which Leyden Academy and Amsterdam UMC collaborated. Truus converts her own experiences in living with multiple chronic diseases into sculptures and combines this with her scientific knowledge as a researcher and advisor in the field of participation and art in healthcare.

Truus has a background as a care coordinator in long-term (elderly) home care. She then worked for fifteen years at the Lung Fund, where she designed and coordinated the participation of lung patients in health research. In 2014 Truus obtained her doctorate at Amsterdam UMC for research into which values ​​and criteria people with a chronic illness or disability find important in research, care and policy. For the past eight years she has participated in two ZonMw program committees: Ethics and Health and VoorElkaar, in which she focuses on meaningful participation and inclusion of patients and clients in projects and research.

Participation of (elderly) citizens and patients in care, policy, education and research, care ethics, inclusion, art in care, experiential expertise, low literacy

Scientific articles
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