Dilemmas of Diversity

Diversity is a broad concept and can have different meanings for different people. For example, it can be a combination of diversity in ethnicity and culture, gender diversity, inclusion of people with physical or cognitive challenges and diversity in the workplace. How can we get a better and more complete picture of what people understand by diversity? And can we involve them more in the subject?

Doing justice to diversity
The above questions are central to Dilemmas of Diversity (DiDi), a four-year research project into the dilemmas raised by a growing diverse society. In this Dutch project we map the diversity experiences and policies in the field of care and welfare, sports and recreation, and housing and community-oriented initiatives.

“Diversity is not only about gender or ethnicity, but also about sexuality and disability, religion and education. We think it is very important to see these things in connection with each other.” – Marlou Schrover, project leader and professor of economic and social history at Leiden University

Making policy together
The insights obtained from the research will be made accessible and contribute to a respectful discussion about the dilemmas that the theme of diversity entails. Policy makers and researchers will then develop policy and implementation strategies together with the general public. In this way we support the ultimate goal and impact of the project: contributing to a resilient society to which people connect, identify and recognize themselves, in order to achieve a more inclusive society.

Practice shows us that doing justice to all the different ways in which diversity is important is not easy. Policy makers and implementers need concrete and applicable insights and tools. The answers to the research questions and the consideration of the practical dilemmas provide frameworks for a learning programme. In this training, the insights from the project, how to deal with dilemmas and policy guidelines with concrete suggestions are discussed.

About the project
This research project is part of the Dutch NWO’s National Science Agenda and runs from 1 October 2022 to 1 October 2026. Marlou Schrover from Leiden University is the main applicant and Leyden Academy is a co-applicant and one of the partners. In addition, 36 other social and scientific partners are working on this research project.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about DiDi? Please contact Nina Conkova or visit the Leiden University website.