Charlotte van den Eijnde

Since January 2020 Charlotte strengthens the scientific team of Leyden Academy, and more specific the project team of ‘Narrative justification in practice’. In this project the focus is on the wellbeing of care workers, residents and their relatives, as an indicator on the quality of nursing home care. The goal is to develop a concept in which personal experiences structurally becomes a part of the daily routine of professionals and the quality of the organization. Charlotte will primarily focus on the organizational embedding of this concept method.

Charlotte has a background in occupational therapy and sociology. During her study she was particularly interested in researching the possibilities of meaningful handling and improvements in care. For example, she researched the possibility of meaningful ocupation in prison and she wrote her master’s thesis on the positive and negative effects of combining study and informal care. Besides her study, Charlotte gained experience in different care contexts, and has worked among others as a personal counsellor, occupational therapist and research assistant.