Caring stories

In the project ‘Caring stories’ we developed a narrative-based adult education for health care professional groups which are often forgotten in (further) vocational education. We aimed to achieve this by training nursing assistants and welfare professionals in person-centered care through listening, interpretation and understanding of stories.

We implement and exchange experiences in two trainings of narrative-based training in the Netherlands and in Spain. We distinguished four activities 1) prepare through a kick-off meeting in co-creation with health care professionals the content and planning of the training, 2) develop, prepare, and implement the training 3) evaluate the training through questionnaires, discussion groups and 4) disseminate findings in a hybrid conference, handbook, key recommendations, and online platform.

This narrative-based training allows health care professionals to collect, understand, listen, and interpret narratives of older adults. This kind of training will assist in the attunement to the mutuality of a caring relationship and provides better person-centered care. We also aim to explore the value of narrative-based education for groups that are neglected or have a hard time accessing suitable vocational training that fits with their everyday practices.

This project run from 1 September 2022 to 31 January 2024, and was made possible by the Erasmus+ program.