Jolanda Lindenberg

Jolanda Lindenberg is a socio-cultural anthropologist with a PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle/Saale, Germany. At the Leyden Academy, Jolanda leads the activities in the focus area Connected. This focus area aims to contribute to an inclusive society that appreciates the value of all generations, and where people of all ages feel invited to participate. She researches social networks, group identity and identity formation of older people. She is involved in various research projects including into wishes and ambitions of older adults, retirement valuation older people, the image of older people and language of ageing, and the development of a conversation tool that maps the wellbeing of older individuals (the Life and Vitality Assessment). In her work, she pays particular attention to older adults who, on average, experience less advantageous circumstances, such as those with lower SES, older adults with low literacy and those with a migrant background.

Jolanda’s main focus are views on becoming older and older people. Together with fellow Belia Schuurman she reviews how older people think about themselves (self-ageism) and older adults in general (ageism). With fellow Nina Conkova she researches the wishes of older people with a non-Dutch background in older age and in care more particularly. Together with Miriam Verhage she is engaged in various projects on the experience of ageing of older adults with low literacy. In addition, Jolanda is involved in various courses, for example the course Qualitative methods for graduate students, ‘Silver Starters’ for older entrepreneurs, the Honours class Innovating Health and Wellbeing, and the platform on narrative education in health care,

Perception of older people in society, older people’s identity, self-image, life and vitality assessment, needs of older people, quality of life, care and support networks

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