Jolanda Lindenberg


Jolanda is a socio-cultural anthropologist with a PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Germany. As a scientific staff member of Leyden Academy Jolanda researches social networking, group identity and identity formation of older people. She is also involved in various research projects, including the national prevalence of elder abuse, quality of life of older people, the image of and over the elderly, and a tool that measures the wellbeing of older individuals (the Life and Vitality Assessment). Jolanda’s main focus is the views of the elderly. Along with fellow Belia Schuurman she reviews how older people think about themselves and the elderly in general. With fellow Nina Conkova she researches the needs of elderly people with a non-Dutch background. In addition, Jolanda is involved in different courses, for example the course ‘Wellbeing or Seniors’ for healthcare professionals.

Perception of the elderly in society, older people’s identity, self-image, life and vitality assessment, needs of the elderly, elderly abuse, quality of life, care and support networks

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