Josanne Huijg

Josanne Huijg studied Clinical Psychology and completed her PhD research in the field of Health Psychology in 2014 at Leiden University. She joined Leyden Academy on May 1, 2015 and leads the activities in the focus area Meaningful. Josanne’s research focuses on the wellbeing, wishes, values and ambitions of older individuals. Furthermore, she aims to transfer this knowledge into activities and projects that contribute to happy and healthy ageing.

Josanne was involved in the implementation of the Life and Vitality Assessment. She currently leads the research and experiments at Leyden Academy in creating opportunities for a meaningful life, in particular the ambitious pilot program Enjoying life: a narrative approach in long-term care.

Since 2021, Josanne is member of the board of the Netherlands Society for Gerontology: Knowledge Network Ageing and Society (NVG-KNOWS). Ook maakt zij deel uit van de programmacommissie van het Zorgondersteuningsfonds.

Wishes and desires of the elderly, compassionate healthcare, long term care, health psychology

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