Education is a core activity of Leyden Academy. We focus on various target groups: from young medical doctors to experienced healthcare managers, and from students to seniors. We offer a diverse range of courses, supported by an international and multi-disciplinary network of teachers.

Our education portfolio consists of the following programmes:

  • Dutch directors and managers involved in elderly care can join the annual executive course Ageing and Healthcare.
  • Leyden Academy is involved in the development of various courses in the EIT Health program such as the blended course Wellbeing of Seniors (2016), (Re)discover Seniors (2017), the massive online open course (MOOC) Healthy Ageing in 6 Steps. Let your environment do the work (2018), a blended training ‘How to make a micro learning’ (2019) and summer schools (yearly).
  • Start-up Plus, a free course for Dutch people (aged 50 years and more) who want to start their own company.
  • Leyden Academy has developed a unique, accredited one-year master’s program Vitality and Ageing, with the aim of training pioneers in innovative elderly care.
  • We regularly organise public scientific lectures related to ageing and vitality, entitled Masters of Ageing.
  • Talented Dutch medical students are selected to join the exclusive Young Excellence Class, meeting monthly to discuss geriatic medicine.