Students Union College visit Leyden Academy

Today we welcomed a delegation from Union College (New York), consisting of fourteen pre-health students with various areas of interest: from pre-medical, dental and public health to politics and philosophy. The group is currently touring the Netherlands to get a thorough impression of the Dutch healthcare system.

At Leyden Academy, director Marieke van der Waal provided the students with an introduction to the structure  and financing of health care in The Netherlands, in an international perspective. She discussed the challenges we are facing, most of which sounded quite familiar to the US students: an ageing population, rising health care cost and an increase in life style related diseases. Scientific staff member Lex van Delden presented a solution to the latter challenge: we can promote a healthier and more social lifestyle by making subtle changes in our work and living environments. Finally, scientific staff member Jolanda Lindenberg gave the students insight into three different care models, each with its own pros and cons.

The Union College students visiting Leyden Academy is becoming a wonderful tradition and we look forward to welcoming them again in 2016.