International Spark Workshop on The Future of Diagnostics

With great ambitions to improve patient care and provide citizens with tools to live their lives in good health, an international group of experts is coming together for a two-day workshop. ‘The future of diagnostics, about personalized prevention’ is the title of the Spark Impact Workshop which will be held on January 10-11, 2024 at the location of health insurer Zorg en Zekerheid in Leiden.

Wearable sensors, metabolomic biomarkers for seniors and AI – for measuring bodily functions – provide an increasing data flow and potential healthcare cost savings. In the Spark workshop, scientists will discuss the possibilities and effects of these types of applications to enable personalized prevention for health-conscious patients and citizens.

The workshop has a format that brings out creativity, including multidisciplinary round table sessions where delegates discuss various issues. The aim is to jointly create powerful and innovative concepts and networks that can be used for a future better life for older patients and citizens.

The organization is in the hands of the DusraVoila consortium, which stands for Dutch Society of Research on Aging & Vitality Oriented Innovations for the Life course of the Aging Society. With, among others, Frans van der Ouderaa and David van Bodegom on behalf of Leyden Academy.