New report! Redefining lifelong learning: Lessons from across the globe

ILC in the UK is The International Longevity Centre, had published a new report.

We know that we’re living longer, which means many people will also be working for longer. When adults continue to learn and upskill, there are key benefits to individuals and society as a whole:

  • improved employment opportunities: reskilling and upskilling improve productivity, adaptability, knowledge and general employability
  • strengthened economies in the face of rapidly changing labour markets: a lifelong culture of learning is linked with economies that are stronger and more competitive and innovative
  • improved general wellbeing

ILC’s report, Redefining lifelong learning: Lessons from across the globe, produced in collaboration with Phoenix Insights found that while there’s no silver bullet to improve learning and retraining, in addition to public investment, there are key themes that emerge from global learning leaders.

With contributions of our Leyden Academy digital learning expert Marie-Louise Kok.

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