Help us find the new Leyden Academy ‘face’

Each year alternatingly a vital older man or woman is chosen as the ‘face’ of Leyden Academy. For this year (from 11-11-2015 through 11-11-2016) we are looking for:

  • An older gentleman of about 70-80 years, preferably with an ethnic background.
  • Important above all is that the person is vital and has a lust for life.
  • Several photos of multiple subjects may be submitted.
  • The management and communication department at Leyden Academy will choose the ‘winning’ portrait.
  • The portrait will be revealed during the birthday celebration of Leyden Academy on 11 November 2015 and will be used for communication purposes from that moment on (e.g. for website, brochures, banners etc.).
  • The picture is royalty-free and will be used exclusively by Leyden Academy.

Photos can be emailed no later than Monday 28 September 2015 to Yvonne Schinkel-Koemans at