Lecture of the Leyden Academy in the media

The public lecture about life expectancy which was organised by the Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing on October 11, 2011 has raised quite some attention in the media.
Prof. dr. Rudi Westendorp highlighted in which way demographic and medical-technological changes have led to the increasing life expectancy. Demographic data show that children who are born right now will become a 100 years old on average.
Based on his expertise in biomedical technology, dr. Aubrey de Grey expanded on his revolutionary opinion. By addressing the underlying mechanisms of ageing, such as changes in mitochondrial mutations, the nuclear DNA, accumulation of damaged molecules, cell loss and cellular senescence, we will be able to extend our lifespan drastically. Even more, de Grey holds the opinion that the first human being that will reach the age of a 1000 years is already among us.
The lecture drew the attention of around two hundred interested and was reviewed elaborately in the media. Below, some links to the coverage:

De Volkskrant
– Tv-fragment with Prof. dr. Rudi Westendorp and Aubrey de Grey at De Wereld Draait Door
– Radio-fragment with Prof. dr. Rudi Westendorp at Evers staat op, radio 538
– David van Bodegom at Tijd voor Max, omroep Max
– Report of the evening by Elmar Veerman on Wetenschap24

The PowerPoint presentations of prof. dr. Rudi Westendorp can be downloaded here.