Citizen Science for Health conference

The first global Citizen Science for Health conference was held from 29 October till 1 November 2023.
Herewith the registration of the keynote “The Participatory Turn in Health Research. Its Roots, Methods, Ethics, Validity and Future” by professor dr. Tineke Abma.
Tineke Abma is Executive-Director of Leyden Academy of Vitality and Ageing and Professor ‘Participation of Older People’ at the department of Public Health & Primary Care at Leiden University Medical Centre. She has been researching themes closely related to patient participation, participatory action research, ethics and diversity in the context of healthcare. Abma: “It means involving people whose lives are at the centre of research in making the key decisions of any research project: what should be the focus of the research, what are the research questions, how to answer these questions, what information to collect, how to make sense of the information, how to share it and what action to take as a result.”
The keynote has been summarized to 20 minutes.