Japan shares experiences of Dutch seniors in corona times

Since the end of March, Leyden Academy and GetOud foundation have been collecting stories of Dutch seniors on the platform Wij & corona. By now, over 130 people have shared how they experience the corona crisis, how their life has changed and how they see the future. The stories provide comfort, entertainment, and guidance.

The Wij & corona platform also attracts attention abroad: nine stories have been translated into Japanese by International Longevity Center (ILC) Japan. “We strongly believe that the project by Leyden Academy is extremely valuable in showing how older adults handle the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Shinichi Ogami of ILC-Japan. They share the stories with Japanese seniors, and also prepare a project in which they interview older Japanese citizens on their experiences during these trying corona times. Hopefully, in time, we can also publish these stories on Wij & corona.

We would like to include the perspective of older people from other countries to the Wij & corona platform. Do you have a personal story to share? Please do not hesitate to send us an email.