Guest students

As of the academic year 2011-2012 guest students will be admitted to the Master programme Vitality and Ageing of the Leyden Academy. Everyone with a completed Master degree and proven affinity with elderly and/or a medical background can participate. The maximum number of guest students for each course is six.

The guest students are divided in three groups:
  1. Passive participant/a la carte: as participant without receiving ECTS-credits.
  2. Guest student: you are registered as a student at a Dutch university and participating in assignments/exams with ECTS-credits.
  3. Contract student: registering at our academy and participating in assignments/exams with ECTS-credits.

For more information regarding these different forms of participation, you can consult the website of the Leiden University. You can also find the eligiblity criteria for each of the different forms and you can download the form for registration as a guest student.

The appreciation
Courses are completed if the guest student has attended eighty percent of the seminars and has taken the exam succesfully. Only upon taking the exam, students can acquire ECTS credits. At the end of the academic year all guest students will receive a certificate. If applicable ECTS credits will be mentioned on this certificate.

You can find an overview of our courses in the curriculum in which you can also find for each course what the costs are. As a student at Leiden University you can follow courses free of charge, please do register at our academy because of the limited number of places available. If you are already registered at a Dutch university you can, after contacting us, register at the Leiden University as a guest student. It is possible to apply for a grant from the Vitality and Ageing fund, via the application form, which you can download here.

The courses
In principal only the core themes within the programme can be followed as a guest student. This concerns the following courses:

         The ageing process (18-22 September 2012)
         Biological mechanisms of ageing and development (24 September-21 October 2012)
         Anthropology of ageing (29 October-19 November 2012)
         Demography of ageing (3 December-13 December 2012)
         Multimorbidity and geriatric giants (2 January-10 February 2012)
         Healthy longevity and vitality (13 February-16 March 2012)
         Structure and financing of healthcare (4 April-20 April 2012)
         Models of care (30 April-18 May 2012)
         Governance (21 May-15 June 2012)
For a detailed description of these courses, you can consult the study guide. Lessons take place on Monday- and Tuesday mornings.
More information and applying
All prospective students should apply first by using this registration form.
For more information, please contact the Leyden Academy via or telephone +31715240960.