Final presentations of the Honours Class on scarcity in health and well-being

On Thursday evening 22 June, the final presentations of the Honours Class Innovating Health and Well-being, organised by Leyden Academy, PLNT Leiden, Leiden University and the LUMC, took place. The thema of this year’s Honours Class was all about scarcity in the healthcare and welfare sector. The students pitched a solution for a challenge they had chosen by means of a homemade video.

The team focused on improving the matches between clients and mental health care providers. From conversations with fellow students and care professionals, it emerged that those requesting help have a need for autonomy and would like to choose their own mental health care provider. The team set to work on this and developed the ‘PsyConnect’ platform, which makes it easier for the person requesting help to find the right care provider that meets his/her personal needs.

Another team started developing an app where students can find all relevant information in the social field and related to their academic career. Their research showed that fellow students lack a place where they can find all relevant information related to student life. For example about housing, mental health and peer coaches.

Hidden hunger
The last team took up the challenge to develop a solution for malnutrition among primary school children. This is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In their pitch, they demonstrated their solution to teach children more about healthy nutrition through meal planning in a playful way. Foods can be combined and recipes can be devised on a magnetic board.

About the Honours Class
The Honours Class Innovating Health and Well-being is an extracurricular course for talented master students, focusing on complex social and scientific subjects. In this fourth year, thirteen students spent nine weeks developing an innovation for a chosen challenge in the field of scarcity in the healthcare and welfare sector.

If you have any questions about the Honors Class, please contact Marleen Dohmen.