EIT Health

The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) stimulates pan-European innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of health, raw materials, energy and digitalisation. EIT Health is a community that aims to promote entrepeneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing. The consortium consists of companies, universities and knowledge centres from six countries of more than 50 partners and 90 associate partners, including Leyden Academy.

Within the education programme we have contributed to outlining the hub ‘Professional & Executive Education’, this includes educational trajectories that discuss:

  • Increased understanding of the needs, habits and values of people of 55+in the European Union, including methods to measure their welfare.
  • Support of older workers by adjustments in the workplace, in laws and regulations.
  • Organizing and engaging in personalized care and pleasures in life.
  • Innovate leadership for large organizations.
  • Manage and enhance the image created of older people by large groups of professionals, for example by organizing festivals and the use of social media.

Leyden Academy works in cooperation with partners from Portugal, France and Scandinavia towards educational trajectories that support active ageing and healthy living. Among the current courses development are the blended course ‘Wellbeing of seniors’, a massive open online course (MOOC) ‘Healthy ageing in six steps’, the training ‘How to make a micro learning’, summer schools and the course ‘Start-up Plus’ for senior entrepreneurs.

Besides the CAMPUS projects Leyden Academy is involved in an innovation project on lifestyle coaching, together with Philips, Achmea, Newcastle University and Leiden University Medical Centre.

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