Act Your Age Festival 2013

People don’t normally associate dance and old age with each other. Even now, while people are living longer, it’s still mostly young dancers who are on stage.
The talents of the older person, and the power intrinsic to this specific phase of life are insufficiently recognised and are not made use of by society. The prevailing images of older people, their ability and even their longings need to be transformed not only in dance, but in science and health care as well.
Starting with professional dance, and with partners from health care, science and the business, the Act Your Age Festival aims to overturn the current view of old age. The three day festival offers evocative dance productions with older performers, lectures from top scientists and European opinion leaders, and workshops from various experts on aging. And, of course, the older person will be at the centre of the festival as the expert from the university of life.
People from various disciplines will be brought together in Maastricht, barriers will be broken down and new insights will be acquired. Be inspired by unorthodox alliances, put the festival days in your diary:12-14 December 2013, Maastricht, the Netherlands.