A new year and a new face

On 11 november 2011 we celebrate the third birthday of the Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing. The past year has been very intensive and successful. Not only the Executive Programme, which attracted more participants than there were openings, but also the Master Programme, Young Excellence Class, Agening Process course and Summer Course offered an interesting and varied programme, and were well received. The public lectures on elder abuse and longevity attracted a lot of interest, from participants as well as the media.

Each year we select a portrait the represents the Leyden Academy, its mission and goals. This year we have the pleasure introducing you to Willem Antheunissen, a vital man of 81 years old. Willem lives with his wife in Leiderdorp. Willem is a distinguished, warm and humorous man with a lot of interests, such as gardening, driving his car and travelling. Since four years, his skiing trips belong to the past, but he stays in shape by exercising in the gym. His four granddaughters also keep him young.