GO! Leiden

The main idea behind GO! Leiden is to encourage the inhabitants of Leiden (the Netherlands) to adapt a healthy lifestyle and increase their social interaction. Nowadays, most people are ageing in a state of poor health because our bodies have not evolved to function in this modern world. Worse, our behaviour is being dictated by our environment and we seldom make conscious healthy lifestyle decisions. In our present surroundings, we are tempted to eat more and exercise less. Additionally, there is less social interaction in modern society, while a strong social network is very importance.

The heart of GO! Leiden is a digital platform with an interactive map of Leiden. On the map, resources are categorised by the type of environment (neighbourhood, work, school, hotel/restaurants&cafes, transit) where all ideas have been adapted to entice one towards a healthier lifestyle and increased social interaction. One can discover schools with vegetable gardens, companies using company bikes, neighbourhoods with hobby days and picnic tables etc. All Leiden inhabitants and organisations are welcome to contribute ideas and initiatives which will inspire others.

For more information contact Lex van Delden.

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