Start-up Plus for senior entrepreneurs

Most start-up courses target and are tailored to young entrepreneurs. Given our increasing healthy life years, however, more and more seniors are considering a second career and wish to create start-ups, which is shown to be beneficial for wellbeing and health. With Start-up Plus, we will train them to start their own businesses in healthy living and active ageing.

Participants of this free course do not require any background knowledge, but we will select participants on the basis of their motivation. In eigth weeks, they will follow an adaptive, individual learning pathway and learn essentials about entrepreneurship. We will provide individual coaching through face to face and virtual meetings, as well as expert interviews. At the end of the course, on 12 December 2019, participants can pitch their business plan to a jury. The winning idea receives 10.000 euro to boost the start of their company.

This Dutch course will start at 15 October 2019. A Polish version will also be organised. We hope these pilot courses will be succesfull, and can be organised in other countries as well.
Start-up Plus is funded by the European consortium EIT Health, and organised by Leyden Academy, Aegon, Medical University Lodz, University of Naples Federico II and Institute Pedro Nunes.

Should you wish more information, please contact Jolanda Lindenberg.