Rhea Breedveld

Rhea Breedveld completed her master of philosophy at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Since May 2018 Rhea is a researcher/trainer at Leyden Academy. Rhea is part of the team of Joris Slaets that developed the pilot-project Leefplezierplan voor de Zorg (lust for life plan in health care), commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Health Welfare and Sport. This project focuses on increasing the lust for life of residents in nursing homes. Rhea explores what the challenges are in increasing this lust for life of the resident and she trains employees of nursing homes in it. In addition, Rhea is involved in developing a narrative quality framework for long-term care.

Prior to working at Leyden Academy, Rhea was as coach associated with the city of Rotterdam. Later she worked as a consultant on social initiative for the city of Amsterdam.