Paul van de Vijver

PaulbyHenkAschmanPaul van de Vijver is a researcher at Leyden Academy, focusing on the role of peer coaching in healthy ageing. Peer coaching is the phenomenon in which people organize themselves to achieve a common goal. Alcoholics Anonymous is perhaps the best known example of a successful peer coach initiative. For many elderly, peer coaching could prove to be an effective and inexpensive intervention to grow old healthy and happy. Click here for more information on this research.

Paul studied medicine at Leiden University. During a course on the ageing process, his interest for the science of aging and evolution was triggered.
In 2014, he started his scientific internship at Leyden Academy, where he researched the effect of early peaks on the life expectancy of former Olympic athletes. Paul is a member of the Young Excellence Class, a scientific discussion dispute initiated by Leyden Academy.