Marije Blok

Since March 2021, Marije is working as a scientific researcher at Leyden Academy, where she is committed to the project ‘Narrative accountability in practice’. The aim of this project is to develop a (concept) method to embed the recording of personal experiences of care workers, residents and their significant others in the daily routine in nursing home care. The personal experiences can be used as a measure of the quality of the care and thus optimize care. Marije is mainly engaged in developing the method for collecting, recording and interpreting the experiences of the residents.

Marije obtained her Master Health and Society at Wageningen University in 2012. She subsequently conducted research at UnieKBO and the Engels National Foundation for the Elderly into the use of technology to support the elderly in their daily lives. Marije is particularly interested in the added value of technology in social and emotional processes of ageing. Since 2017 she has been conducting a doctoral research on this at the VU University Amsterdam, department of Sociology.

Older adults with cognitive impairments, technology adaptation, social and emotional ageing