Josefien de Bruin

Josefien is assistant researcher and joined Leyden Academy in August 2017 to research the attention for palliative terminal care in the medicine curricula in the Netherlands. In addition, she will continue researching the Circulos de Abuelos in Cuba, which literally means ‘circle of grandparents’. This governmental initiative attracts more than 20,000 elderly people, who exercise together three times a week. Apart from the physical aspect, the social aspect plays a great role, from trips to museums to celebrating birthdays.

Josefien finished her bachelor of medicine degree from the University of Leiden. Because of her passion for the elderly, she followed Leyden Academy’s master Vitality and Ageing with great pleasure. Josefien is interested in medical education, preventive health care and the quality of living and dying. As an obituary in NRC – a Dutch newspaper – wrote “Everyone talks about the quality of life, but what about the quality of dying?”