Barbara Groot

Barbara has been working on cutting-edge care and welfare, (scientific) research, and change for fifteen years. In her studies, she often involves people in vulnerable positions to learn together about themes relevant to these people’s lives. A creative approach is vital in her work. At Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing, where Barbara is working since May 1, 2021, all this comes together. For example, together with colleagues and artists, she is involved in research that examines the value that art activities can have for older adults in long-term care.

In her dissertation, Barbara focused on the ethics of participatory action research. She examined, for example, how the elderly, researchers, and policymakers can best conduct research together. What is ‘good’ participatory research according to all parties? How do you work together in a good way? Is everyone seen, heard, and recognized as a person with relevant knowledge?

In 2017 she was involved an Age-Friendly Cities project of the World Health Organization. The group of older adults who started with a group is currently still active in the neighborhood and has now been able to bring about important changes in the community.

Participation of (older) citizens in care, policy and research, art in care, informal care, long-term care, ethics.