Annet van Harten

Professionally, I have been fascinated for 25 years by what moves individual people, teams and organizations and what prevents them from moving. For the past 10 years I have been fortunate to be able to contribute to health care with this fascination. Now I can do that in a broader field within healthcare.

For me, the well-being of patients and professionals is paramount and if they are doing well, so will the health care organizations as a whole. In projects I work together with healthcare providers and patients, and we experiment with new methods and roles. At Leyden Academy I will strengthen the Leefplezierplan team. I will mainly be involved in the joint development of a new accountability model with the system parties involved (care offices, NZa, IGJ, Zorginstituut and VWS). In addition, I will support the completion of the implementation of the Leefplezierplan in the care organizations.

Crew Resource Management, patient as partner, leadership development, planning issues, team development, organizational development, preventive health, chain organization, strategy development, efficiency improvement, coaching, systemic work, meaning questions