Susan Woelders

Susan Woelders has been working as a researcher at Leyden Academy since April 2020. Susan has a background as a physiotherapist and studied Culture, Organization and Management (organizational anthropology) at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the VU University in Amsterdam. After obtaining her master, she worked as a researcher at the Metamedica department of Amsterdam UMC and was involved in various projects within long-term care in the field of patient participation. In January 2020 she obtained her PhD with the thesis Power-full Patient Participation – Opening spaces for silenced knowledge.

Within the meaningful pillar, Susan will be involved in various research projects at Leyden Academy, such as the Enjoying Life Plan and Narrative Accountability in Practice. Central to this is connecting what matters to residents with the job satisfaction of care professionals within the organization of the nursing home. Furthermore, Susan is involved in projects in the field of educational innovation in healthcare, among others in collaboration with the Welfare & Care Practice and the Center for Innovative Craftsmanship. Susan is also involved in the Executive Course program of Leyden Academy. In her work Susan’s interest in connecting people and the collaboration of all those involved in healthcare will come in handy from a participatory perspective.