Our alumni

In the academic years from 2010-2011 to 2015-2016, over one hundred talented students have completed the one-year master Vitality and Ageing. They now apply their acquired knowledge and skills in (inter)national health care, scientific research and knowledge centres in the field of ageing and elderly care. The master’s programme has alumni from all over the world: from Indonesia to Tanzania, from India to the UK. The knowledge they have gained will prove invaluable in the care for older people, a domain with great importance in decades to come.

Quotes from our alumni
“I enjoyed the friendly and intercultural atmosphere, sharing ideas with students and lecturers of different backgrounds. I was constantly inspired and challenged to think independently and outside the box.”
Esther Okiemute Udi from Nigeria, class of 2015/2016

“The master program gave me in-depth knowledge and awareness on biological, clinical and social aspects of the ageing process.”
Kelvin Leshabari from Tanzania, class of 2014/2015

“Besides working with older patients, I aspire to be involved in scientific research or health policy. The master has prepared me for this future by providing up to date knowledge in elderly care, and useful skills. I truly feel I am able to make a change in tomorrow’s medical care.”
Eva Smeenk from The Netherlands, class of 2013/2014

“Listening to lectures by researchers whose papers I have read before in high-profile medical and scientific journals, has been both humbling and inspiring.”
Raúl Hernán Medina Campos from Mexico, class of 2012/2013

class of 2015/2016