Compassionate healthcare

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport introduced the ‘Dignity and Pride. Compassionate Healthcare for our Elderly’ campaign in 2015. In many Dutch healthcare organisations and institutions, more individualised, compassionate healthcare is being introduced. Not an easy task, because the current system has been established upon a set of norms with centralised management and supervision. During this transition, Leyden Academy is acting both as an advisor on a policy level as well as with specifically concrete practices. We are involved in various projects and field experiments to give substance to compassionate healthcare and create opportunities to improve the well-being of older people, whether at home or in a nursing home. We are collaborating with the Dutch Ministry and various institutions to operationalise a conceptual framework for the quality of healthcare. Ultimately, we want to develop along with healthcare organisations, specific modules and products that can be directly applied and implemented on a larger scale.

For more information, please contact Josanne Huijg.