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Honours course: Vitality matters

7-11 July 2014

Your generation will probably reach an age of 100 years and more. This increased life expectancy is creating new opportunities and challenges for society. However, the science of human ageing is relatively young. Scientific efforts have mainly focused on the treatment of age-related morbidities rather than understanding the lifestyles and interventions that result in healthy longevity and vitality.
This honours course focuses on vitality. Vitality is a more inclusive concept than healthy ageing. Many people of over 60 are not completely healthy but can still live to a high degree of well-being and fulfilment. How do they manage this? In other words, how do people maintain vitality when the odds seem against it?

Monday 7 – Friday 11 July 2014
Five whole days with lectures, projects, discussions and social activities

Maximum number of participants: 22
Language: English
Location: Leiden, the Netherlands
For further information, contact Dr. J. Lindenberg

Registration is closed, as the maximum number of participants have already registered.

This honours course is organised by Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing and FSW/Psychology of Leiden University Medical Centre, and is sponsored by LUF.

Date created: 15 July 2013