Master of Science Vitality and Ageing

The master programme on Vitality and Ageing is a MSc programme of Leiden University, the oldest university of the Netherlands.

For pioneers of tomorrow's medical care
With people living longer, the future of medical care will also change. To assure vitality and healthy ageing for the next generations, health professionals of tomorrow will have to address the needs of the increasing number of elderly. Their care requires a different approach.

Older patients often have many diseases simultaneously and receive care from many different specialists. Each specialist has his own treatment plan, which can be counter-productive to the plan of his colleague. Drugs can interact and without a holistic view on the patient, specialised medicine will not suffice to provide the right medical care for the elderly. 
Above all, not only purely biomedical aspects need to be considered but other influencing factors such as the impact of healthcare structures and the social position of the elderly as well. A new approach is needed. 

You are the health professional of tomorrow and the master Vitality and Ageing prepares you to be a pioneer in this growing field. Whether it is your ambition to become a practising physician, a researcher or a healthcare manager, this master gives you the head start to become successful.

The Master of Science Vitality and Ageing is accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). Within the programme you can also follow individual courses as a guest student. Click here for information on these courses.




"In the course Multimorbidity we learned some revolutionary
concepts that bring into question some of the current practices of geriatric medicine. I find this stimulating."

"Listening to lectures by researchers whose papers I have read before in high-profile medical and scientific journals, has been both humbling and inspiring."

Raúl Hernán Medina Campos from Mexico, student 2012/2013