Structure and financing of health care

This course has a strong economic as well as a structural perspective. Students will become acquainted with some fundamental aspects of the structures of healthcare and reforms that are taking place in the Netherlands as well as in many other countries.
Students will deal with topics such as: structure of health care systems; different financing models (Beveridge, Bismarck, Semashko, out-of-pocket payments, national health insurance); major players in healthcare and their role and the interrelations between financing of healthcare and the structuring of healthcare. This course will enable students to look at health care systems in an integrated way and helps them understand the complexity of health care arrangements.


Ir. M.A.E. van der Waal

ECTS credits


Course level


No. of classes (1.5 hrs.)



14 March-2 April 2016, Mondays and Tuesdays, 09.00-13.00 hrs.


Open; completed bachelor degree


International comparison of health care systems, Semashko, Bismarck, Beveridge and Out-of-Pocket models, financing health care, financing long term care, health care and rising costs


Knowledge of structure and financing of healthcare

Teaching format

Lectures, self-study, assignments

Learning outcome

Acquisition of a thorough understanding of different aspects of healthcare structure related to patient care in a multidisciplinary setting. Students will acquire knowledge about different healthcare systems, reforms and the influence of other players on this such as insurers, economic prospects, consumers and the European Union. This will also enable them to discuss and asses health equity and inequality in a critically informed way. With this knowledge the students will be able to understand healthcare structure more in-depth and are able in the future to take more informed action in their own field of practice.


Short country-report (policy document) on healthcare structure and financing


With ECTS: € 450 (€ 150 per ECTS)
With certificate: € 225 (€ 75 per ECTS)
Registered students at Leiden University: no fee  


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