Scientific essay

During this assignment, students have to write a 'scientific essay' in which they can prove their acquired knowledge and understanding in the field of gerontology substantiated with scientific literature. At the same time, students can practice and show their ability to write an English text in high-level formulations. The students should formulate their personal view and give a well-reasoned opinion on a subject in gerontology substantiated with scientific literature, in a maximum of 5000 words. An essay can be seen as a well-argued view on a certain debate or discussion. An essay should thus be around a debate or a question that as of yet has no clear answer or of which the answer is contentious. It should contain a considerate and convincing argument and the student should formulate a convincing, considerate own position in the debate or in respect to the question outlined.

Period: Trimester 1
ECTS credits: 3