Herbert J.A. Rolden MSc
PhD Candidate

Drs. Herbert Rolden MA, PhD student with a background in economics and philosophy, is currently researching two particular fields. Firstly, he researches how the economic environment  influences the health of older people. His
article about the association between economic fluctuations and mortality rates amongst elderly in developed countries attracted a lot of attention from the international media. It appears that when the economy is in a downturn mortality decreases, and the other way round. This counter-intuitive association was
explained by work-related stress and poor lifestyle. This theory needs complimentary explanations, since the association also exists for retirees.

Secondly, Herbert is researching the influence of the personal and social situation of older people on their health care expenses. He focuses on death and the death of the partner, on season influences and contacts with the family doctor.

Besides these research activities, Herbert was involved in various policy projects. Together with Marieke van der Waal, Herbert has written two detailed reports on the Dutch healthcare system for the Institute for Future Welfare
in Japan. In 2013 he was in Tokyo to give lectures about these reports.
Herbert also carried out the economic evaluation of a rehabilitation care project at Leiden University Medical Centre, which falls under the National Programme of Care for the Elderly.
Both at and outside Leyden Academy, Herbert has coordinated courses and has given lectures and workshops on governance and finance in health care, philosophy of science and ethics.

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