Governance is seen as the means whereby the issues of quality in care can be addressed. It can be viewed as a comprehensive approach rather than an addition sum of methods and measures. Whilst this course focuses principally on governance matters in the Dutch health service, it also includes case studies from independent Dutch healthcare organisations and from healthcare organisations around the world.
Students will become familiar with the meaning of governance, and instruments that help govern: an annual report, an annual account, a supervisory board, the assessment and structuring of quality of care and patient satisfaction/loyalty.



Dr. L. van Delden

ECTS credits


Course level


No. of classes (1.5 hrs.)



9-20 May 2016, Mondays and Tuesdays, 09.00-13.00 hrs.


Open; completed bachelor degree


Governing health care organisations, governing structures (supervisory board, advisory board), annual accounts, quality management


An understanding of governance

Teaching format

Lectures, self-study, assignments

Learning outcome

Acquisition of a thorough understanding of different aspects of healthcare structure related to patient care in a multidisciplinary setting. The students will be able to understand what governance means, they will be able to take into account the knowledge they have acquired about instruments that help govern complex care facilities. In the future, they can integrate this knowledge in their own medical practice.


Presentation and written business plan


With ECTS: € 375 (€ 150 per ECTS)
With certificate: € 187.50 (€ 75 per ECTS)Registered students at Leiden University: no fee  


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