Business administration and entrepeneurship

Students will become familiar with the skills of the health care leader/manager by providing content in finance, policy, technology, quality improvement, economics, marketing and strategic planning. The course provides students with diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds with relevant information related to human services, economic and legal factors. Students learn some basics on how to manage public personnel, the legal and ethical implications of healthcare. The course also includes basic topics like health finance and economics, managed healthcare, clinical and long-term care administration and marketing for healthcare. After this course a one week assessment will take place in which the students have to participate in a group assignment in which they will be given a role and will have to enact a professional collaboration.



Dr. D. van Bodegom

ECTS credits


Course level


Classes (1.5 hrs.)

6 - Fridays 09.00-13.00


14 March-20 May 2016


An understanding of management skills

Teaching format

Lectures, practical exercises, assignments

Learning outcome

Acquisition of a thorough understanding and development of management skills and leadership applicable in a complex health care environment


These courses lead up to final assignment III: group assignment


Closed; only for MSc Vitality and Ageing students