Academic writing

During this course the students will focus on improving their English writing skills. Students will practice several short writing assignments in sub-groups. During feed back sessions students will discuss the best strategies.
Students will be more extensively trained in the background and basics of writing scientific English. Scientific papers should be written in a style that is exceedingly clear and concise. Students will become acquainted with different form of scientific writing and discuss basic outlines. In addition, they will read and discuss the strengths and the weaknesses of several scientific papers. During the course, students will work in subgroups writing a scientific paper in a standard format frequently used. 


Dr. J. Lindenberg

ECTS credits


Course level


Classes (1.5 hrs.)

14 - Mondays from 14.00-16.00 hrs.


7 September 2015-11  April 2016


The mastery/ability to express in scientific wording orally and in writing

Teaching format

Working groups, writing exercises

Learning outcome

Acquisition of a profound academic development in the field of academic writing. Students will be able to write concise, clear and well-structured papers. Simultaneously they will be trained to argue scientifically and outline their arguments on the basis of scientific articles and current insights.


This course leads up to final assignment I and II: Writing a scientific essay and research article


Closed; only for MSc Vitality and Ageing students